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Getting around Siem Reap, Cambodia can be a little tricky. With dirt side roads and many unmarked streets it is easy to loose your way. Insert Chang. Chang has been a professional driver in and around Siem Reap and the Angkor Complex for over 15 years. His experience navigating through the crazy Cambodian streets is unmatched. Chang is punctual and reliable. Be it providing Tuk Tuk service, shuttling tourists up Kulen Mountain by motorbike or providing car service to other provinces, we will arrive on time. Know that Chang will get you to destinations in Cambodia safely and expediently.

Chang Professional Driver Of Angkor Thom Tours

Chang, Professional Driver of Angkor Thom Tours, stops for a photo on Kulen Mountain.

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Dinner Shuttle Service

There are many places to have dinner and watch the Aspara Dancers or traditional Khmer theatre. Let us provide you with options that are close to your hotel and provide you and your guests with front door shuttle service.

Dinner At Apsara Theatre
Apsara Theatre Performers posing for pictures after the dinner show.

Clueless About Cambodia?

Cambodian Sightseeing Ideas
We can help you you figure out where to go!

After arriving in Cambodia you may be a bit overwhelmed with the scenery. We can help with that. Upon request we can inform you of the most popular tourist attractions to visit as well as the most unknown. Having a native Cambodian steeped in Khmer culture to show you around Siem Reap will make memories you’ll never forget.


Angkor Temple Small Tour

Popular Angkor Wat Small Tour Route Map
Most popular half-day Angkor Temple Park tour.

Angkor Temple Big Tour

Popular Angkor Wat Big Tour Route Map
Most popular full-day Angkor Temple Park tour.

Professional Tuk Tuk Drivers

Angkor Thom Tours Five Star Tour Driver Company In Cambodia
Angkor Thom Tours specializes in sightseeing, airport transfer and Tuk Tuk transportation in and around Siem Reap, Cambodia. All of our drivers are certified and fluent in Khmer and English.

Favorite Destinations

Our Favorite Cambodia Sightseeing Tours
With all of the beautiful sights to see in Cambodia it is hard to choose a favorite but our guides took the challenge. Here are some of their favorite tours around Siem Reap.

Custom Tour Packages

Custom Cambodia Sightseeing Tours
Angkor Thom Tours has Pre programmed tours around Siem Reap but we encourage you to contact us to have a tour custom configured for any length of time.

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