About Angkor Thom Tours

We are a rapidly growing Tuk Tuk and transportation company in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We pride our business on satisfying travelers to Cambodia. Angkor Thom Tours goal is to provide an all encompassing experience to those who visit. The Kingdom Of Cambodia has much more beauty and charm than most see when they choose Cambodia as a destination. Not only are their ancient Temple ruins over 1000 years old but our countryside is warm and welcoming. Angkor Thom Tours wants to bring you to those parts that other tour drivers omit. Experience the real Cambodia with us. Read on to learn more about Angkor Thom Tours.

Your All In One Cambodian Transportation Service

Angkor Thom Tours is a Siem Reap local Tuk Tuk service providing transportation to all of the major attractions around Cambodia. We invite you to explore the Khmer history and culture with us.
Chang, a Cambodian native operates the business and can arrange transportation by any means you choose, however, Tuk Tuk is the main mode of travel around Siem Reap. Tuk Tuk to Siem Reap are what Taxi Cabs are to New York City. In fact there are over 10,000 Tuk Tuks in Siem Reap alone.

Not All Tuk Tuks Are Created Equal

When you choose Angkor Thom Tours you are choosing the safe mode of travel. Avoid street-side negotiations that can sometimes get you burned. When you negotiate your own Tuk Tuk rides there is a chance that you will be overcharged for your service. By arranging your transportation for your trip to Cambodia beforehand you can rest assured that your ride will be waiting when you are ready to zip off to your next stop.

Trust In Our Fair, Transparent Transportation Service

Chang and his team are trustworthy, reliable and honest. On your visit around Siem Reap your driver will designate an easily identifiable pick up point. You are able to explore on your own taking in the sights, sounds and smells of Cambodia at your own pace. No need for you to feel rushed by timelines. When you are ready your driver will be waiting to take you to your next destination be it another Khmer Temple, the world famous Pub Street or your hotel.

Over 10 Years Of Experience Making Friends Along The Way

Angkor Thom Tours has been around for quite some time … and we have made friends every step of the way. Relax and know that anything you need on your trip to Cambodia can be arranged. With a network as expansive as ours you have access to all things local while you are in Siem Reap.
Interested in dining like a local? Angkor Thom Tours can take you to the best, most local places where chances are you would never find. Showing our customers the charm of Siem Reap and Cambodia as a whole is what we do best.

Make The Best Memories Of Cambodia With Angkor Thom Tours

Angkor Thom Tours invites you to explore and enjoy all Cambodia has to offer by using our Tuk Tuk and countryside transportation service. We ensure you have all the time you need to take photos and video to document your trip to Cambodia. It is important to us that you love your time here in Siem Reap enough to tell all of your friends.

Now that you know about Angkor Thom Tours…

it is time to arrange your transportation with us. Contact Us today to coordinate your reservations to any destination in The Kingdom Of Cambodia.

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