Angkor Thom Tours offers transportation services to all tours that you see listed below. We encourage you to use the tours we have listed to customize your sightseeing trips around Cambodia. If you have any questions about our tours or would like to request transportation to a destination not listed here please Contact Us.

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North Outer Wall Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat Big Tour

Take a ride around the Angkor Archaeological Park with over 12 stops at the Temples and lakes. Great for one day travelers ...
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Face Towers At Angkor Thom

Angkor Wat Small Tour

A shorter tour of the Angkor Temples, the Small Tour will allow tourists more time in the afternoon to view other attractions, ...
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Houses On The Water Tonle Sap Lake

Tonlé Sap

Tonlé Sap Lake is the place to view the famed "Houses On Stilts". A visit to Tonlé Sap works well with the ...
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Banteay Srey Inner Temple

Banteay Srei

This tour out of the Angkor Archaeological Park gives you a view of real Cambodian life. Charge your camera as the scenery ...
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Banteay Samre Inner Temple

Banteay Srei / Banteay Samré

Add Banteay Samré to your Banteay Srei tour. There is a mysterious surprise here that has Archeologist stumped for years. Can you ...
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Kbal Spean River Center

Kbal Spean

Majestic and quiet, Kbal Spean is one of our favorite tours. The waterfalls, carvings and holes in rocks over 6 feet deep ...
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Small Outer Temple Beng Melea

Beng Mealea

Beng Mealea is one of the more interesting stops. Much of the Temple has fallen in but there are many hidden treasures ...
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Buddhist Temple At Lolei Roluos Group

Roluos Group of Monuments

The Roluos Group are some of the oldest monuments in Cambodia dating back over 900 years. There are Male and Female monuments ...
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View Over Valley Of Kulen Mountain

Phnom Kulen Mountain

Phnom Kulen Mountain is another "Must See". You'll have to take a motorbike or a car up the mountain though, a Tuk ...
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Main Temple Set At Koh Ker

Koh Ker Temple

Koh Ker Temple is approximately two hours into the Cambodian country. We will shuttle you there and back by car. Tour Highlights: ...
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Calf In Causeway Entrance At Preah Ko

Beng Mealea / Roluos Group

Combining these two ancient Khmer Temple locations is the way to go. These temples are much older than Angkor Wat but in ...
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Street View Sunset Cambodia

Phnom Bakheng at Sunset

Seeing the sunset in Angkor Wat proper is a little difficult but in Phnom Bakheng, minutes away, it is welcomed. There is ...
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Cambodia Angkor Air At Siem Reap International Airport

Airport To Hotel Transport

Pre arranged airport pickup is what we do best. Don't wait until you have arrived in Siem Reap, book your pickup now! ...
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Lasagna At Pub Street Alley Restaurant

Hotel To Dinner Transport

Even if you are not using our Tuk Tuk service to see the Temple complexes, we would be happy to pick you ...
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