When you come to Cambodia there are many things to see and do. Customers are pleasantly surprised at the massive amount of arts, nature and food that can be experienced in the Kingdom of Cambodia. We’ve assembled Angkor News to help people get quick information on their visit to our history rich country. Arranged in a way to give you a preview, Angkor News section continues to be an informative resource for travelers to Cambodia.

Angkor News: Currently In Cambodia

This post is to serve as a public service announcement for travelers visiting Cambodia. Don't Wander Off In recent days ...
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It is natural to want to help the street children you will undoubtedly come across when visiting Siem Reap. They ...
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When heading to another country, it is always a great idea to do your research. Many cultures differ vastly from ...
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So, you are heading to Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonder. Cambodia is a glorious country, and whether you visit during ...
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Don’t Miss Kulen Mountain!

Kulen Mountain is on our list of Favorite Tours. You will have the opportunity to drink from a natural spring and see one of the worlds most spectacular waterfalls!

Kulen Mountain Lower Tier Waterfall
One of two waterfall tiers at Phnom Kulen Mountain.

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