Large Snail In Between Stones
Making your way through the Temples you are guaranteed to see all kinds of plants and animals.
Showing Carvings On The Doorways Banteay Kdei
The small temple building to the right of the East Causeway has great doorway carvings. Be sure to stop and get a picture.
Moat Surrounding Banteay Kdei
The moat at Banteay Kdei is our smaller than that over in your white however it is still quite effective. When you visit you’ll notice where it looks as if there were entrances.
Massive Tree At The Main Temple
Many of the temples that you will see have massive trees growing through the walls however at Banteay Kdei this may be the largest.
Long Hall At Banteay Kdei Courtyard
A Great Hall on the south portion of the main courtyard.

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