Showing The Opening Smaller Courtyard To Central Gallery
Banteay Kdei as many of these beautiful smaller courtyards that open up to great carvings.
Vendors Selling Paintings At Banteay Kdei
As with all of your stops along the Khmer Temple tours there are vendors selling everything from paintings to books to clothing.
The Rough Causeway At Banteay Kdei
The road leading to the Banteay Kdei Temple is a little more rough than some of the other temples. Make sure you watch your step.
Symbol Of The Buddha Carved In The Walkway
This is the symbol of the Buddha. You’ll see it carved in many locations throughout your tours of the ancient temples but it is easy to miss.
Strange Angle Doorway Banteay Kdei
In the small Temple at the entrance causeway to Banteay Kdei you’ll see this doorway that seems to be propped up at a really strange angle.

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