Banteay Samre Inner Temple

Banteay Srei / Banteay Samré

Add Banteay Samré to your Banteay Srei tour. There is a mysterious surprise here that has Archeologist stumped for years. Can you figure it out?

Tour Highlights:

  • Journey through the Cambodian countryside
  • Banteay Samré Temple
  • Banteay Srei Temple

Tour Walkthrough:
The first stop on your journey is the often overlooked, but not to be underestimated Banteay Samre. You won’t come across many tourists at this temple, allowing you to spend time absorbing the serene atmosphere. Walk around the enclosure and observe the carvings that depict mythological scenes, then make your way to the inner sanctuary where you will come across a small tomb, though historians are hard-pressed to know what it was used for.

Once you have left Banteay Samre, it is time to sit back and relax on the spectacular ride through the Cambodian countryside. Once you arrive at Banteay Srei, take your time walking through the art exhibition on the history of the temple and its restoration. Stroll past the lotus pond and let your journey take you to the marvellous temple that is cut from stone of a pinkish hue. Explore the divine carvings that date back to the 10th century, and take in the beauty of this temple that was said to have been built by women. Once you are finished your tour, head to a nearby restaurant and chow down on some traditional Khmer food before your ride back to your hotel.

Estimated Tour Time:
Five hours

Tour Includes: Tour Includes:
Hotel Pickup And Drop Off, Transport To The Locations, A Cold Bottle Of Water And A Fresh Coconut

Tour Excludes:
Angkor Archaeological Park entry fee ($37 USD)

Tour Cost:
Tuk Tuk $30 USD
*Add Kabal Spean $35 USD

Car $50 USD
*Add Kabal Spean $50 USD

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