Door Header Carving Salvaged West Enterance Beng Mealea
What was a door header is now set aside on the ground at the East entrance to the Temple.
Detail Of Blocked Doorway Header Beng Mealea
Showing above doorway detail on the main entrance Temple.
CMAC Cleared Minefield Sign Beng Mealea
Minefields are a problem in Cambodia even today. Here is a sign at Beng Mealea showing that the area has been cleared by The Cambodian Mine Action Centre.
Churning Of The Sea Of Milk Carving Beng Mealea
A carving of The Churning Of The Sea Of Milk in fantastic shape. Covered with Moss this carving is from the 12 century (assumed).
Carvings Above Doorway Beng Mealea
Carvings above doorways is common at the Temples. Here is a example where the carvings are on the inside and outside archways.

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