Main Causeway Beng Mealea
The East entrance causeway is almost completely covered in dirt but still a magical approach.
Northwest Corner Outer Temple In Ruins Beng Mealea
This is the outer Temple at the Northwest corner of Beng Mealea, at the end of the catwalk.
North Outer Wall Beng Mealea In Ruins
Continuing along the North outer wall you can see the remnants of a catwalk that lead to a Northeast outer tower.
North Enterance Beng Mealea In Ruins
All of the cardinal direction entrances to Beng Mealea are in ruins and impassable. This North entrance is no different.
Massive Trees At Beng Mealea Growing Through Outer Walls
The outer most walls all have massive trees growing through them. There is no mistaking the power of nature.

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