8 Inch Worm Outside Beng Mealea
Nature in Cambodia surrounds you everywhere you go. Here is a huge worm that was outside of the Beng Mealea Temple.
Intact Naga East Causeway Enterance Exiting South Beng Mealea
The Naga on the right in this photo is one of the best preserved original entrance Nagas.
East Moat Of Beng Mealea Looking South
Looking South on the East bank of the Beng Mealea moat. It goes just about as far as the eye can see.
East Moat Of Beng Mealea Looking North
Looking North on the moat at Beng Mealea from the East entrance.
Dragon Head Carving In Beng Mealea Ruins
In a pile of ruins this beautiful carving stood out. It is on the East side of the Temple, North of the causeway.

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