Chang and I taking a selfie

Hello, my name is Shawn, the Web developer here at I built this website for my friend Chang in Cambodia. Change focuses on personal transportation all over Cambodia. Any Cambodian province by bus, car or tuk-tuk, Chang can get you anywhere you need to go.

Chang and I taking a selfie
Chang and I taking a selfie

My initial visit to Cambodia was to see Angkor Wat, you know, the famous Tomb Raider temple?. On that short trip from Thailand to Cambodia and back, less than 24 hours actually, I didn’t expect to meet a buddy that I would come back and visit on my trips to Southeast Asia.

After a few years of friendship and visiting the various tourist sites in Cambodia I thought it would be a good thing to add my memoirs. Just as an extra content piece to the formal website.

In the Developers Blog I’ll give you my personal opinion on an American traveling in Cambodia. Of course, I’ll also include some of the thousands of pictures I’ve taken. Cambodia is without a doubt a very unique place.
Most important enjoy looking through my memoirs of Cambodia and be sure to contact Chang. In other words, trace your own steps through The Kingdom of Wonder.

Developers Blog

This photograph contains one of the funniest moments I've had in Cambodia. The is a photo from one of the ...
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Don’t Miss Kulen Mountain!

Kulen Mountain is on our list of Favorite Tours. Drink from a natural spring and see one of the worlds most spectacular waterfalls!

Kulen Mountain Lower Tier Waterfall
One of two waterfall tiers at Phnom Kulen Mountain.

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