Don’t Wander Off In Cambodia

This post is to serve as a public service announcement for travelers visiting Cambodia.

Don’t Wander Off

In recent days you may have heard of a traveler who wandered off the trail and was stranded for two weeks. Because of this Angkor Thom Tours wanted to remind travelers don’t wander off the trail while visiting anywhere in Cambodia. Unlike other places that are less dangerous, jungle survival in Cambodia is far different.

1. Landmines

Tourist areas are landmine free. But be aware if you plan to take pictures further away. In reality, as a tourist you should never be far enough away to experience this. Yet again because of recent news we are reminding you of the threat. In case you are in an area that is off the beaten path, stay close to your guide and communicate with them verbally. Away from towns and cities landmines and booby traps are still active. Traps and landmines are skillfully set so you will not see them.

2. Poisonous Stuff

Here in Cambodia there are insects and plants that are poisonous. Plants have mostly been cleared but insects and animals are another story. Snakes and lizards are common in 6 to 8 foot lengths. Smaller snakes are also poisonous. A great article on poisonous snakes in Cambodia can be seen here. Many insects are poisonous as well. Please do not let any worms, ants or insects crawl on you willingly. There are insects that are poisonous to the touch! While not fatal it is a painful burn and a trip to the hospital.

3. A Bad Time

No one wants to think of what can happen. But wandering off can very easily lead to a bad time. For this reason we remind you please don’t wander off. If you do we don’t know what might happen but it just might be a bad time. Help us help you. Stay on the paths and be on time to your meeting points.

Angkor Thom Tours is here to ensure you have a 5 star experience while visiting Cambodia. Again, while we are a developing country please feel safe when you visit. Siem Reap still has dirt roads and open air street stalls. You might describe it as living in touch with nature. It really is an exciting experience. But don’t let your excitement get the best of you. Think of your safety first! If you have any questions or would like to go somewhere that is not travelled by tourists as much, please let me, Chang, know. Do not just go on your own.

Finally, we look forward to welcoming you to the Kingdom of Wonder that is Cambodia. You’ll find amazing things you won’t see anywhere else in the world! Contact Me now to make arrangements.

Best Regards,

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