Massive Cracked Rock Ledge Kbal Spean
While the rock ledge at the top of Kbal Spean is cracked, it is still very stable. Just watch out for the holes!
Showing Cracked Rock Ledge Height Kbal Spean
The cracked rock ledge you are standing on is quite high. Please be careful and mindful as you take pictures.
Dragonfly On Path Ropes Kbal Spean
The natural preserve at Kbal Spean is fantastic. You will see lots of dragonflies and butterflies.
Upper Waterfall Riverbed Carvings Kbal Spean
Once you are at the top of Kbal Spean you will start to see the carvings beneath the rushing river.
Shiva Carvings Along Path Kbal Spean
As you make your way down to the Kbal Spean waterfalls you will see many carvings of Shiva in the rocks.

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