Massive Rocks Riverside Kbal Spean
You can’t miss all of the massive rocks at Kbal Spean. If you are a rock hound this is the spot for you but please don’t try to take them home.
Frog Carving Middle Tier Waterfall Kbal Spean
It is not too often that you see frog carvings anywhere around the Khmer Temples, but there is one at the middle tier waterfall at Kbal Spean.
Middle Tier Waterfall Top View Kbal Spean
This middle tier waterfall is a great place to meditate. The sound of the water rushing and the birds will soothe you.
Once you are at the top of Kbal Spean there are a few circular path that you can explore. Please do not wander off the path though. The jungle is thick.
Lower Tier Left Waterfall Kbal Spean
The lower tier waterfall is the place to get your Facebook profile pics. This is the waterfall on the left.

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