Lower Tier Right Larger Waterfall Kbal Spean
This is the lower tier waterfall on the left.
Shiva Carving In Large Stone Floor Kbal Spean
Just up the Kbal Spean path from the waterfalls you’ll find more rock carvings. Here is Shiva showing 10 arms.
Yoni Linga Etched Deep In Stone Kbal Spean
Close to the Shiva is this deeply etched Yoni Linga. It is said to have been the first one carved at Kbal Spean and is older than Angkor Wat by 1000 Years.
Kbal Spean Unfinished Yoni Linga Mountain Top
Here are what look to be the beginnings of a Yoni Linga. You’ll find these on the path after the Kbal Spean waterfalls.
Water Rushing Through Rocks Kbal Spean
Even though Kbal Spean is one of the less popular destinations it holds a secret magic in the sound of the rushing waters. Be mindful the rocks are quite slippery but enjoy the refreshing, cool mountain water.

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