Rocky Nature Path At Kbal Spean
The path to the top of Kbal Spean is sometimes a little rocky. Have extra water and wear well fitting shoes like Keen or Teva.
Kbal Spean Path Gigantic Rock Held Up By Seemingly Nothing
There are a few of these gigantic rocks on really small pedestals. Feel free to stop for a selfie.
Sign Showing Be Respectful Of Nature At Kbal Spean
As with all of the Cambodian Parks please be kind to nature. Do not break branches or harm animals.
Massive Rocks Along Kbal Spean Path
Along the 1500 meter path to the top of Kbal Spean you will see many of these massive stones.
6 Foot Deep Erosion Hole In Rock Kbal Spean
Once you are at the top of Kbal Spean be advised that the rock ledge has very large holes in it. Some of these holes are up to 6 feet deep or more! You will fall in if you are not careful.

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