Kulen Mountain Natural Spring Runoff To Stream
The natural spring water pool is separate from the river that leads to it. Shown here is the small stream that flows from the natural spring.
Kulen Mountain Natural Spring Riverbed Multiple Yoni Linga Carvings
The river that leads to the natural spring is carved with thousands of Yoni (Female) and Linga (Male) symbols. At this point of the riverbed the Yoni and Linga are combined symbolizing the mating of male and female.
Kulen Mountain Natural Spring Riverbed Carvings
in this wide shot of the riverbed the Yoni and Linga can be seen separate and combined.
Kulen Mountain Natural Spring River Waves Running Over Linga Yoni
Here we see the large Yoni Linga that is carved into the riverbed. The carving is so large that it disrupts the river flow and creates a wave. These carvings are over 900 years old.
Kulen Mountain Natural Spring Guard Houses
The Kulen Mountain Natural Spring has guard houses on either side. There is a guard placed at the spring 24 hours a day to protect this sacred, and some say healing, waters.

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