View Over Valley Of Kulen Mountain

Phnom Kulen Mountain

Phnom Kulen Mountain is another “Must See”. You’ll have to take a motorbike or a car up the mountain though, a Tuk Tuk can not make the journey up the bumpy mountainside roads. Once up the mountain you can drink from one of the most pure water springs on earth and play in a massive waterfall!

Tour Highlights:

  • Journey through the Cambodian countryside
  • Phnom Kulen Mountain

Tour Walkthrough:
When you arrive at Phnom Kulen, take your time to walk slowly through the local market strip and bargain with the local sellers. Once you have browsed to your heart’s content, walk up a long set of stairs towards a local pagoda. Once you have caught your breath at the top, visit a reclining Buddha made from sandstone; the biggest of its kind in Cambodia. You can take in the views of Cambodia’s lush forests and jungles whilst on top, then casually walk around the pagoda, taking in all the detail.

Next, eat lunch at a local restaurant and taste the tantalizing flavours that Cambodian food has to offer. You will want to rest before continuing your journey, so be sure to sit by the river and watch as locals picnic on the banks and have fun in the water. Once you are energised, take a walk to the waterfalls of Phnom Kulen and plunge into the refreshing water. Be sure to bring a change of clothes, as it is customary to frolic in the water fully clothed in Cambodia. Once you are ready to leave (though we doubt you will want to), head back to your tuk-tuk and sleep on the journey home.

Estimated Tour Time:

Tour Includes:
Hotel Pickup; Transport to and from Phnom Kulen, a cold bottle of water and fresh fruit.

Tour Excludes:
Phnom Kulen entry fee ($20 USD)

Tour Cost:
Car $65

Optional to add Meng Mealea *link*

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