Including photos of the Khmer Temples in Cambodia is a must. intention with these photo galleries is to give you a small taste of what you will see on your tour. All of the Temples we stop you at are open for your own discovery. In no way have we included any of the best bas reliefs, statues or picturesque views. We want you to discover those in person along your travels through the Khmer historical sites.

We have designed the photo galleries at in groups of 5-6 photos per page. Being travelers ourselves we realize that internet connections while traveling are not always the best. When you come from your native country to Cambodia you may be on a roaming connection which in many cases is much slower than what you are used to. Knowing that the internet connections in Cambodia, even at hotels, is sometimes slow has been designed to keep page content as optimized as possible.

If you using a fast connection we do have Desktop Photo Galleries that will show beautifully on larger screens. However, all pages have been created with the premise that our users will be on their mobile phones on a very slow connection while they are traveling.

Generally when traveling pictures pose a problem and in some cases do not load at all. has the goal to allow you to enjoy the photos, on any connection, by limiting the number per page.

Please enjoy all of our Photo Galleries of the Cambodian Temples and countryside. We are proud to share our heritage and history with you on your travels!

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