Tree Roots Make Archway Over Visitor Path Ta Prohm
There are so many trees at Ta Prohm they have begun to shape them as archways over the visitor path.
Showing First Inner Ring Tree Root To Crown Ta Prohm
Here is that same tree. As you can see when you back away from the “Photo Booth” it’s just stunning!
Popular Photo Spot Tree Growing Through Entrance Archway Ta Prohm
This is one of a few photo opportunities you will see at Ta Prohm, however this Temple is beautiful backdrop anywhere you look.
Massive Stone Ruins Ta Prohm
As with all the Temples there are piles of ruins and Ta Prohm has some of the largest.
Large Trees Along Visitor Path Ta Prohm
Everywhere you look there are trees growing the the Temples and surrounding walls. They are all of great size.

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