Showing Color Changing Stones Ta Prohm
Depending on the time of day the base stones will change from brown to red to pink.
Unfinished Wall Carvings Ta Prohm
Like many of the Khmer Temples, Ta Prohm was not fully finished. This wall is only carved at the very bottom.
Trees Growing Through Inner Temple Ta Prohm
Here is another “Photo Booth” but again when you back away you can see the real beauty of Ta Prohm Temple.
Showing Trees Growing Through Second Ring Wall Ta Prohm
Again showing people standing next to the massive trees at Ta Prohm. This Temple is gorgeous East to West.
Showing The Length Of Ruins North Outer Wall Ta Prohm
Again Ta Prohm touts some of the larges piles of huge building stones. Almost as much as Beng Mealea.

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