Visitors Stacking Stones Ta Prohm
At Ta Prohm it seems visitors are drawn to stacking stones. One can only wonder if it is something energetic left behind by the Khmer builders centuries ago.
Showing West Hall Carvings Ta Prohm
The carvings that remain at Ta Prohm rival Angkor Wat in many ways.
Showing Removed Buddha Carvings Ta Prohm
At Ta Prohm you will notice that all of the Buddha image carvings have been removed from the walls.
Doorway Threshold Carvings West Exit Ta Prohm
Be sure to look high and low as you walk through Ta Prohm. Some of the best details are easily overlooked.
Corner Bracing Made Of Stone Ta Prohm
As you pass through the Temple notice the 45 degree angle supports. One of the amazements of ancient Khmer construction.

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