East Main Entrance To Ta Prohm
The main entrance to Ta Prohm has a mystical feel. The huge trees are visible from the start of the tour.
Showing Scale Of Massive Tree Base Next To Person Ta Prohm
You’ll find this tree as you enter the first ring at Ta Prohm. Notice the people walking past and the size of the trunk. It’s absolutely massive!
Showing Roots Growing Through Causeway Ta Prohm
The roots of the causeway tree extend 15-20 feet from the trunk.
Showing Large Tree In Causeway Ta Prohm
This tree grows in the center of the main causeway. It is hard to tell from the picture but it is about 8 feet wide.
Central Temple From First Inner Ring Ta Prohm
Access to the inner Temple is restricted due to ruins but it is truly a sight to see.

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