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Ta Phrom Photo Funny

This photograph contains one of the funniest moments I’ve had in Cambodia.
The is a photo from one of the courtyards at the Ta Prohm Temple. Ta Prohm is actually one of the temples that is great for Facebook profile pictures. Full of beautiful carvings and amazing archways.
One of the other things Ta Prohm is known for happens to be trees. At Ta Prohm trees grow through many parts of the structures. Thus you get all of these amazing pictures with tree roots growing through ancient stone structures.

So … I’m making my way through Ta Prohm Temple and I happened upon a tour guide. He explained to his group that this spot is one of the best places for pictures. Meanwhile the group got their pictures the tour guide continued on. He explained that Ta Prohm had been forgotten and the trees became overgrown which made it very difficult to re-discover.
To which one of the ladies in the group asked “how did the trees get there?”
Upon hearing that question I had to try hard not to laugh. It would seem like such a natural answer. Nature. That’s how the trees got there.

Best Photo Spot Ta Phrom Temple Cambodia
Best Photo Spot Ta Phrom Temple Cambodia

Now the tour guide being the professional that he was responded with “birds”.
“We think maybe the birds brought the seeds that planted the trees.”
As I chuckled internally her off-the-cuff question reminds me of times that I’ve asked obvious questions. Undoubtedly while traveling taking in the unknown is the best part. However taking in the unknown leads to asking what might be obvious questions.

Moreover this story is a testament to the understanding Cambodian culture. Rather than scoffing or chuckling as I did, the tour guy answered her honestly.
So I’ll leave you with that. Get over to Cambodia and check out Ta Prohm Temple on the Small Tour Route.

Don’t Miss Kulen Mountain!

Kulen Mountain is on our list of Favorite Tours. Drink from a natural spring and see one of the worlds most spectacular waterfalls!

Kulen Mountain Lower Tier Waterfall
One of two waterfall tiers at Phnom Kulen Mountain.