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What to pack for a trip to Cambodia

So, you are heading to Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonder. Cambodia is a glorious country, and whether you visit during the hot season, rainy season or cool season, you are bound to have a fabulous time. To help you prepare for your upcoming trip, read this guide on what to pack for a trip to Cambodia.

Modest clothing

Cambodia is a modest country, and you will be hard pressed to find locals wearing anything but long sleeves and long pants. To respect the culture, it is best to always have your shoulders and knees covered. If you do find it is too hot, pack a light shirt or shawl to wear over your sleeveless tops, particularly when visiting the temples.

Mosquito repellent 

Don’t enter the country without it. Every year, thousands of people in Cambodia contract malaria or dengue fever, and it can be deadly. At the very least, it will ruin your trip. By simply applying mosquito repellent every few hours, you will be able to skip these tropical diseases and ensure you remain healthy long after you depart the country.

Sanitary wipes and hand sanitizer

Cambodians don’t typically use toilet paper. If you are stuck and have to resort to using a squat toilet, it will serve you well to have some sanitary wipes on hand. Hand sanitizer also comes in handy, especially if you are about to tuck down on a meal at a street food stall that doesn’t have hygiene facilities.

Hat + sunscreen

Cambodia is a very hot country (except for December and January), and the fun will be beating down on you all day, especially if you are visiting the temples. To avoid having beet-red skin like many other tourists, wear a hat and plenty of sunscreen to avoid some nasty sunburn.

A book on Cambodia

There are surprisingly quite a few books written about Cambodia, and we do recommend you read at least one either before you visit the country or while you are there. First, they Killed my Father is a true story written by Loung Ung in the voice of her five-year-old self. It covers her life before the Khmer Rouge assumed power over Cambodia in 1975, her four years under the brutal regime and what happened in the end. It has been made into a Netflix film, so if you really weren’t into reading, watching it is always an option!

Before you head to Cambodia, be sure to book one of our tours. We have a range of options available to suit different budgets and travel plans, and Chang is a respected driver with years of experience under his belt.

See you soon!